March 9th, 2016

My Wife Doesn’t Work

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Written by: Gene
“My wife doesn’t work, she is a housewife…”

I hear men say this, and I wonder what causes them to think this way. As I ponder this, I can think of a couple things that need to change in the mindset of the family.

The first and main thing is the over emphasis of the dollar in the family. I did say “the family” because the pursuit of stuff to make us happy is the driving force behind the pursuit of the dollar. Why do we need the new cars, big houses, fashionable clothes, and extravagant toys to be happy?

The second thing is that the word “work” has been mentally redefined to mean “something that I hate, that I am forced to do to, that takes me away from my family, so I can get the dollar, to buy the stuff, that I need to be happy.” So if a spouse chooses to do something that she enjoys that keeps her home with the family, spending the dollar on the family, and now I don’t have the stuff to be happy; “that just can’t be work now can it?”

The issue I believe, is within the word “happy.” We need to ask ourselves, “What really makes me happy?” and “Am I happy?”

When we choose our mate to raise a family unit (even if it is later in life and there will be no kids to raise), pick someone who is happy with who they are. I hear women say that they want a husband to be happy, and they fail to realize that a husband will test them. If you are not happy without him, you will never be happy with him. He will let you down.

I hear guys say that they want to make their wives happy and they work their whole lives trying to do so. You will never make her happy. Oh she might have fleeting joy for a moment when you do something, but if she is a miserable person without you, she will be a miserable with you.

I have heard spouses say that they would rather live in a tent (my thoughts too) and have a strong Godly family unit, than have a lot stuff and debt trying to be happy. If you are unequally yoked in that respect then you will always have conflict.

Our happiness needs to come from God, and Him alone. When I was out of God’s will, nobody could make me happy. People would try, but all I did was discourage them. When we work for things, let it be in the things that make us happy in the Lord.

Find out what His callings for you are. If you have to go outside of His will to get something, you will have to stay out of His will to keep it. That, it a miserable place to be.

It is fun to work for the things that God has for you, and that is why I think that stay-at-home moms are smarter than the rest of us. They choose to focus on the reasons why we really do what we do.

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