September 26th, 2010

It is so not about me!!!

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Written by: Gene

Planting a church is one wild ride. It isn’t that it is hard, but maintaining my thought life is more work.

For 3 months now, we have been going door to door once a week. People here are very nice and receptive, but they are politely resistant to change…

We have learned as we go out as a couple to rely on the Holy Spirit “highlighting” things to us. It will be as if a house quickly flashes or is the only thing to be focused in a glance.

When we stop at that house or place, we talk to the people. One time, Mary saw a Lumber Yard off in the distance and commented how she never saw it there before. I told her that if God showed her that, we needed to stop.

They had a bulletin board out, and Mary went in to ask if we could post our poster on it. 15 minutes later she didn’t come out, so I went in. The 2 ladies in the store were so excited that we were starting a church. They went to church in Lafayette, but wanted to come to Bible Studies that we hold.

They rearranged the board outside and gave us prime spot, and asked us to leave our cards on the counter by the register.

We have been having one morning service a month, and evening services the other Sundays to pray. We were going out door to door to hand out invites to these services. We figured it would take us 6 months to hit every house here in Arnaudville.

Our first Sunday morning service consisted of 6 people. We were spared by the Holy Spirit with this one family. They had a habit of going church to church and trying to draw people away to make their own church. The Holy Spirit literally ran them off (I can honestly say we had no idea until after they left the state), and we have cut ties with them (all within the 1st month, satan tried to plant his seed into the work we were in trusted with).

So the second Sunday morning, it was just Mary and I. I preached to Mary (she said she was blessed, but she didn’t come up for the alter call… lol)

This last Sunday, I was going back and fourth about preaching or just playing a DVD. I was saying that I could start this series when we start to show a “decent” crowd (shame on me). I decided to prepare the lesson, and bring the DVD.

The evening prayer services have been just Mary and I as well. I only felt to do this to help Mary and I pray for the ministry anyway, and we are blessed when we go to our building and pray.

Anyway, the last Sunday… We are sitting there waiting for 10am to start the service, and we hear a car door. I walk up to the door, and sure enough this little old lady is walking up the steps holding on to her bible.

I introduce myself as Pastor Gene (can I tell you how awkward that is?), and Mary as Pastor Mary (that is easy because I can see it makes her squirm also). I ask her how she heard about us, because I knew that we hadn’t been to her house.

She tells us that it was Jesus… Her pipes were leaking, and her husband is fussing because he can’t find the pipe dope. He sends her to the Lumber Yard, and she sees our card. She is so happy to have a Spirit Filled church in town, because she is not able to drive into Lafayette.

When we started the worship service, I repented for any discouragement, and the Spirit fell. Mary informed me that our church needs tissue paper… 🙂

This one event made the last 3 months worth while…

God is awesome!!!

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