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February 16th, 2016

Who Has My Endorsement?

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Written by: Gene
During this election season, I find myself frustrated by the selection offered to me. I am also frustrated by people’s reactions to those who they are voting for.
But that isn’t the only thing I am frustrated by, and as I think about it. The frustration originates from one thing.
That one thing is the lack of faith in the concept that God (Jesus) has got all this in control.
I understand that we all believe in and place our trust in God at different levels. Some choose to pretend that He doesn’t exist, some want to believe that He is uninterested in us, some live in fear that He is out to get us, and so on.
Me personally, I choose to trust Him 100%, and when it is revealed to me by Him that there is an area that I haven’t trusted Him 100%, I repent because I believe that to not trust Him 100% is wrong.
Am I perfect? No, but He is (so why not trust Him?)
Do I fall? Yes, but He doesn’t (so why not follow Him?)
Was I drowning in Sin? Yes, but His wasn’t (so why not allow Him to save me?)
I have a hard time trusting people and people run institutions.
And this is where a lot of my frustration comes into play.
Jesus is my healthcare provider, but I am forced to support a system that I have no trust in. (I would rather die trusting Him here on earth, because I know that ultimately I will live forever with Him.)
Jesus is my leader, but I have to work around those who steal from me so that I can be cared for by them. (I would rather die following Him here on earth, because I know that ultimately I will live forever with Him in His Kingdom.)
Jesus is my savior, but I have to fund the saving of myself against things that are fabricated to scare and control people. (I would rather die allowing Him to save me here on earth, because I know that ultimately this planet will pass away.)
I want to live as a free man who is left alone to trust Jesus 100%, but I am surrounded by those who are running to sell all of us into slavery because they are afraid of the unknown. (I would rather die trusting Him to make me free here on earth, because I know that ultimately He is in control of even the unknown.)
We used to be free to live for Him, but this world is so far from Him, that these concepts make no sense to even those who claim His name. But Jesus warned me about these times and that His ways make no sense to the world.
My frustration doesn’t really come from a selfish viewpoint, but from the desire that I wish others could allow themselves to trust in Him too.
Even as the tribulation starts to ramp up, and these end times approach, I am glad that I desire to trust in Him 100%. My heart goes out to those who have placed all their trust in men, because when their men fall and their little security systems prove to be false, they will have no choice to finally call out to Jesus.
I just hope that it won’t be too late. I pray that they won’t become so bitter that they genuinely believe that God is their enemy. Because that is frustrating.
I must forgive, because I don’t wish you in hell. There is evil afoot that I won’t even wish on my worst enemy. Your true enemy is trying to break you, enslave you, destroy you, and kill you.
But you must call out to Jesus. Hear Him calling, read His Words, learn who He really is and take ahold of His hand and follow Him. Trust Him 100%, and know that no one has your interests at heart like He has yours.
Elect Jesus now, as your healthcare provider, your personal protector, benelovent leader, and eternal savior.

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