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January 20th, 2016

Criminal Fines

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Written by: Gene

I have this concern… And I don’t take concerns lightly, because many of my “concerns” have proven correct (despite naysayers attempts to lull me to sleep.)

I spent 16 years as a slave to the government healthcare/welfare system, and when I finally broke free from that, I swore that I would never have health insurance again. I also said that I would never apply for assistance from the government either.

Health Insurance had proven to be false hope, and government “assistance” proved to be a snare and a burden.

I would rather live in a cardboard box free to trust in God, than in government housing a slave to the system. I would rather live limited to 100% faith in Jesus, than to be forced to rely on the false hope and promises of men.

So I swore off Health Insurance, and I meant it. So what happens, but some infidels (cocky faithless self absorbed politicians) out in Washington DC decided that I was required to have what I swore off…

They would fine me for not having Health Insurance, and I pay the fine as if I were a common criminal. My choice to trust in God Almighty to provide all of my needs, is apparently illegal in this Godless country. My faith has become a burden to the law abiding citizens of this once great nation.

I see people now embracing this slavery of Communistic Democratic Socialism, and I am fined for not supporting their fear of the unknown by embracing the false hope of government promises.

I want to puke as people try to tell me that we have been a socialist government for a long time, because I never wanted to buy into the extortion practices of our “benevolent” government.

I want out…

I don’t want to pay for freedom by buying into Social “Security” anymore, especially when the rules change every time a politician wants a new yacht.

I don’t want to be forced to purchase car “insurance” to be able to drive on roads that my tax dollars built, only to be side swiped by an uninsured illegal who gets to walk (forcing me to purchase uninsured motorist supplements). Once again made to be a criminal while the actual crooks walk.

I don’t want to pay for a pseudo-footprint that I supposedly leave behind. How will higher fines and taxes make the earth temperature change? I am fined for simply breathing and functioning in a world that God gave me to use, as if I am a criminal for simply existing.

I am told to leave a better planet for my kids, but our government won’t even educate them to think. Instead they feed them pills to put them in a stupor and lies to keep them down. And if I try to educate them, I am fined again by paying a school board tax to a school board that can’t even balance a budget nor teach the 3R’s. So I pay a fine for trying to be responsible parent, while fighting with those who teach my kids to not trust me.

I don’t want these same “benevolent’ leaders to protect me by stripping me of my rights to protect myself, while my taxes go to pay for my forgiven enemies to be more armed than my own home military is.

I could go on, but I will get to my concern.

As I see people embracing this concept of bigger government, while selling off their rights for half a bowl of beans, I see new “bigger offerings” looming in the horizon, and I have concerns about the new ways that I will be made into a criminal.

I made a choice to not finish college, but I am feeling the colligate burn (bern). I see a time when I will be forced to pay for college even if I don’t go so that everyone can have a diploma for lectures filled with lies. I will be a criminal for using my own brain instead of having it washed by the government.

I made a choice to live simply, and cut back. But have you ever tried to cut back? Try canceling your satellite or cell phone service. They love you till you try to leave, and then you feel like you are going through a divorce. They have all these resources to ruin you if you try to scale back and simplify. They don’t care that you are hurting from all the fees and fines you pay to simply exist on this planet, they want theirs and you will pay. It took me 2 years to get rid of Direct TV (because they lied, and threatened to make me a criminal if I didn’t accept their lie), and I got rid of AT&T 6 months ago and am still waiting for that certified letter in the mail to fight off their billing errors.

Try to scale back your house, and see how quickly HOA and MetroCode steps in to jack up the cost of your scaled back life. You are fined like a criminal for wanting a simple life. You see, in order for the socialist lie to maintain itself, we all must be slaves. Everyone must play the game, or it will end. So we are treated like criminal deserters in the form of fines.

I made a choice to live off the grid, but that is illegal in some states. The government actually believes that it owns everything from the heavens to the earth. You can’t harvest water, collect sun rays, harness wind, or take a poop without paying a fee or fine. It needs you on the grid, to pay for the grid.

You are fined when you are born and when you die, and just try to change nationalities without paying a “Expatriation Tax” to a government that is led by someone who can’t prove that he is even a citizen. Your very existence is treated like a criminal activity by the extortionist government that everyone thinks is such a “benevolent” entity.

Benevolence doesn’t beat up, rob, and loot people… and then give them a band-aid, a dollar, and half a sandwich back in return.

I made a choice to focus on being debt free, but since I am actually a user of my brain, I am fully aware that my part of the National Debt (that every American citizen owes) is currently at about $62,500. That means I am fined as a criminal for all these things that rob me of my rights to exist,  to the tune of a household debt of $125,000. This not counting the debt that my kids each owe to the same amount as young adults.

But I have a hope, and even after that, I am fined.

I made a choice to trust in Jesus Christ. I stopped buying into the political correct religion, and I made a choice to follow another criminal. In fact you could say that we have a real life rebel alliance, because we made a choice to say “no” to the ways of this world. He is my provider 100% and I trust in Him 100%.

I see churches pay their fines in the form of a benevolent offering of the 501c3 to not be forced to pay fines, they sell out the freedom to preach the Scripture because “it is hate speech.” They sell their rights to free speech, so that they won’t be considered a criminal.

I say that I am a criminal rebel to this world, because I have the approval of the ultimate judge. He has given me a directive to speak the truth no matter how hateful it might seem to the enslaved masses. They need to be set free, and Jesus has the key.

People need to stop seeking the approval of men, the supply of men, the protection of men, the health care of men, the insurance of men, the guarantees of men, the security of men, the education of men, and the simplicity of men. It is time to put your faith 100% in God alone.

The world would fine you like the criminal they think you are and try to enslave you to control you, but God Almighty wants to set you free.

We are feed the mantra of “One Nation Under God” but you need to define in your heart who your god is. Is it the ways of men, or is it the Almighty that created the Heavens and Earth.

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A husband to an awesome wife, father to 3 beautiful girls, step-father to a beautiful girl and smart son. Preacher, Designer and best of all a Servant to a loving and gracious God.

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