December 13th, 2015

Henry’s Heisman

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Written by: Gene

I see a lot of comments on the latest Heisman Winner, and really I am glad for the guy. I am not glad that he won this award, but that the first thing He did was thank God. He even ended his speech by exhorting people to pray daily.

I learned at a young age that awards are generally a crock. In the second grade I got two awards, and it was then that I decided that my pursuit was to just do the best I could.

The first award was a trophy for the second grade baseball team I was in. I sucked at baseball, but I showed up and struck out every time I was up to bat. I picked clover out in way way way left field because I couldn’t catch. I never understood the term, “keep your eye on the ball…” I would think to myself, “won’t it hurt when the ball hits my face?”

During our last game, I managed to finally make it to first base because I got hit by the ball. To this day, I think the coach told the opposing team’s pitcher to gently hit me with the ball, so I would have at least one chance to make it to home plate. I come to this conclusion, because after I was hit, he put in a great hitter and I was driven home.

After that I was presented with a “feel good” trophy and some yummy Andy’s Fried Chicken (they were our sponsors). I have no idea where that trophy is, but for the longest time I used it as a laugh because it was just a joke to me.

The second award I received in second grade was for a science fair. I worked hard on my exhibit (I did a study on earthworms and how they won’t tunnel near sunlight. I built everything myself and proudly showed it to the judges, and was awarded a second place ribbon.

I was told by almost every judge that I should have gotten first place, but it went to the kid with the “parent built” solar system. He got first because his was a crowd favorite.

So I learned early on, that awards from people mean little to me. I am not a “team player” and I am most definately not a “brown nosing crowd pleaser.”  What I am is a free thinker (not the collage campus sheep free thinker that is mass programmed to think for themselves by reciting what they hear from a dope smoking hippie freak turned teacher) who can look at something and come up with pretty viable out of the box solutions.

I am the kind of person who doesn’t care about the status quo, so I don’t get many pats-on-the-back.

At a young age, this made me cynical… But in my tender volatile pre-teen years I called out to Jesus Christ.

He stepped in and showed me who I was to Him. I was precision made by God Almighty to fulfill a specific calling. I learned that “being real” wasn’t being a slave to sin and trying to please the world, but “being real” was accepting who I am in Christ and by fulfilling the calling He called me to be.

The great thing is that He only asks for is an even trade. He takes the little that I have, and He gives me all that He is, and what I can do through Him is record-breaking and award-winning.

Unlike the awards of the world that go to those who are fags, freaks and whatever-philes, the awards that Jesus offer are eternal. The world will award a man the “woman of the year” because he puts on a dress and changes his name (while claiming that he is something that he is not). The world will give a “peace prize” to a muslim terrorist supporter because he had a thought (but forgot what it was the next day).

These people arn’t brave heroes, but they are cowards because they won’t stand up and be real.

Say what you want about the Tim Tebows and Derrick Henrys of the world, but to me they are heroes not because an award says they are, but because they point to the Almighty and thank Him first. Yes they might be flawed, but they know from whom their abilities come from.

You can keep your “feel good”, “teacher’s pet” and “fruit of the loom” awards. I get mine from being obedient to do the will of God. My flesh loves the awards of the world, but my flesh is dead to me. I want the award that says “well done my good and faithful servant, enter in…”

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