October 22nd, 2015

Forgiveness and Trust

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Written by: Gene

This is just a simple reminder for myself, and I hope it will bless you too.

We all must forgive. Especially if you call yourself a Born Again Believer that is saved and “forgiven” by Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness is beneficial for yourself. Jesus forgave you, and He asks that you forgive others. There is love in that. It proves that you love Jesus, as well as that other whom He also died for.

It means that you wish no ill on the person who hurt you. You have not set aside “that special place in hell” for them. As per the love chapter, love does not rejoice in iniquity. It might want justice done, but it hands over the problem to The One who has power to render that justice. Forgiveness remembers that vengeance is God’s, and He will repay. Forgiveness chooses to walk away, and allow God to work.

You must forgive, but it is ok to not trust that person again. You are not required to trust anyone but God alone.

God tells me that without trust (faith) in Him, it is impossible to please Him.

Oh how I want to love and please You Lord!!!

The sad thing is when people allow hurt caused by others, to cause them to not trust in God. “How could a loving God, allow…” is the excuse they use.

Love must allow bad to happen, because love allows a free will and choices. As long as there is sin in this world, people will make evil choices. We cannot blame God for the actions of others, and expect Him to control those who are doing evil. To do so would say that you would want God to control you when you do evil.

God’s perfect love allows us to have free will, and it allows grace and mercy for our evil choices. The same is true for others.

What we must do is keep our focus on Him (not other people), and allow Him to deliver us from evil. Jesus taught us that in “The Lord’s Prayer” when He said, “lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil…”

We cannot desire to sin, and we must trust God to deliver us from the sins of others. That is forgiveness.

We don’t have to put our trust in others, but we must put our faith in God.

Oh God, I trust You 100%

Father, You have only the best interests for me.

Jesus, You have saved me from that evil that is in the world, and the sin that had me bound.

Holy Spirit, You always guide me through the paths of righteousness by showing me the areas that I need to repent from.

People, I forgive you and I ask your forgiveness. It is ok if we flinch when we see each other, let’s just look to God.

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