October 8th, 2015

Come Home

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Written by: Gene
It is sad to me to see friends of mine, find “a new way to seek God”.
They will start fussing, cussing, and hollering as they try to defend their new “spiritual revelation.”
They will post every lie they find on the internet to explain, define and defend their new choices.
At the same time, everyone who cares for them will see them sink into a depression, while their “new loving friends” pat them on the back as they sink deeper and deeper.
They will start to turn away from those who love them while they cling to the sinking ship of lies that they have created for themselves.
We watch, we pray, we can see your pain. We would love to remind you of where your happiness really is. But, you cut us off, because we tried to stop you from destroying yourself. You said we were hateful, because we told you the truth.
Talking to you, becomes an argument, because you are drunk on your lies. You take medications to numb your mind, because the Holy Spirit won’t stop calling out to you.
You mutilate and destroy yourself as you try to live out this new ideal.
But these “new ways” are not new…
They are the same old lies that the evil one has been using for thousands of years. He gives them new definitions and names, but their core is still deception, depression and death.
We your family and friends, your true family and friends, still love you. We miss you… we miss seeing you happy…
We won’t call you to return to us, but we cry out for you to return to Jesus Christ.
He will restore you… He will repair you… He will give you what you are searching for… He will give you Himself
It is your choice, and it is time to come home.

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A husband to an awesome wife, father to 3 beautiful girls, step-father to a beautiful girl and smart son. Preacher, Designer and best of all a Servant to a loving and gracious God.

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