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September 24th, 2015

God Hugs

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Written by: Gene
Last night I had a dream and would like to share it in my blog.
I am not trying to build doctrine nor making prophetic predictions, but I found the dream intriguing and I woke up feeling peaceful.
I went to this house with my tool bag, and fixed some things for this family. Their dad wasn’t there, and the family was happy to get some help.
The kids brought out their dad’s old tool bag to show me because it looked a lot like mine. For some reason, the tools in the bags got mixed up, and we had to separate them for a bit. I was concerned that I might have lost a couple tools, and that I might have accidentally taken some of his.
But all seemed good, so I left.
As I was driving home down a 4 lane road with a center turn lane (about 500 feet from a red light), I saw these rolling grey clouds start to roll in. It seemed that the clouds were moving in so fast that they looked like one of those time-lapse videos.
I remember saying to myself, “I sure hope it doesn’t rain, because Mary and I will need to throw a tarp over our new floor decking to keep it dry. We need to get the walls up soon…”
As I said that, this lighting bolt struck the ground from the upper right to the lower left. What was interesting, was that while the clouds were moving in in time-lapse mode, the lightning struck in slow-motion.
It was such an interesting thing to see, that I remarked, “Jesus if you are coming now, it won’t matter about my floor…”
All of a sudden, I started to float up very slowly… Up through the clouds, and into this white room.
As my eyes adjusted, I saw that the room I was in was a balance of interior and exterior spaces.
What was weird, was I felt compelled to head a certain way. It was like I could finally hear the Holy Spirit’s direction without the limitations of my flesh.
All of a sudden, I heard Misty calling out to me. As she was running at full clip to me, it dawned on me that it wasn’t that my eyes adjusted earlier, but it was in my new glorified body kicking in. I felt no more pain or aches, I had this unlimited energy, and my head was clear for the first time.
Misty and I walked for a bit, asking each other if we had seen other people. We saw people that were friends and acquaintances. Waved to some people like John and Linda Reddoch as they were chatting to people they new.
It was like everyone was happy. The Body of Christ was unfettered by sin and the flesh. Romans 7 was no longer an issue…
All of a sudden Misty walked off to where she was being led, and as I came around a corner. I saw my parents David and Alice sitting at a table. I walked up to them and asked what they were doing.
Somehow they were recruited to help people find their name tags that had their new addresses (this is something that I found quite amusing).
I heard a voice behind me and it was Mary. She was in such peace, and I loved to see her that way. It then dawned on me that my daughter, parents and wife were no longer that to me. We were all family in a way that made sense. We were children of Father God and Brides of Christ…
Mary helped me find my name tag (even in eternity she helps me find things), and I saw my name Gene… I remember saying to myself’ “God does know my name…” and I sighed a chuckle.
As Mary left to follow that leading within her, I told my parents “good bye”, and I looked at my card to see my address. The Lord had me on Facile Street, and I remember saying to myself, “isn’t that the name of the street that Brian and Dawn lived on?”
I walked down this arched walkway, and came to a large quadrangle (a large field with buildings around it). In the field, people were dancing. It was’t dancing that was fake and choreographed, but it was dancing that was fueled by pure joy. No one cared how they looked, because all they were compelled to do was worship God.
I walked a little further, following the Holy Spirit’s leading and pondering the name of my new address… and then I woke up…
When I awoke, I was in a peace like I haven’t felt in a long time. I had prayed the other day, “Lord. I sure could use a hug from you, because I am struggling in an area…”
Today, I was thinking about Facile Street, so I looked up the word in the dictionary…
1) appearing neat and comprehensive only by ignoring the true complexities of an issue; superficial.
2) having a superficial or simplistic knowledge or approach
or simply put…
3) ORIGIN late 15th cent. (in the sense ‘easily accomplished’): from French, or from Latin facilis ‘easy,’ from facere ‘do, make.’
As I think about it, when I ignore the issue and complexities of this world, and focus on the simplicity of God’s Word, things become easy or simple to do.
Father God had me living on Easy Street for eternity…
Now that is something I can live with.
Thanks for the hug, God!!!

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