September 24th, 2015

October 1st Government Shutdown

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Written by: Gene

The American people are caught up in so many government traps, that they are in essence slaves to the government.

Let me try to phrase this right:

“Ok, we want to spend money to kill the unborn, and if we don’t get that money, we will starve the living because we won’t have the money to feed them.”

This common core economics is very confusing to me.

Then there is another government common core economics thing I don’t get…

“We don’t have the money to take care of those who fought to defend our country, and we won’t have the money to do so if we don’t come up with the money to let 180K refugees and countless illegals into our country and provide for them.”

Annnnd, can you explain this one to me???

“The money you paid into for retirement won’t be there for reason ‘x’, so we will call it a ‘welfare benefit’ and penalize you for retiring when you were supposed to, or if you work after you do. Since we are good people for loosing your money, we will write ourselves a raise…”

This must be “common core algebra economics”

So here the government is, working on a “budget for the year” near the end of the year, instead of ¬†before it started. Also, my definition of budget must of been wrong this whole time. I thought it meant that I had to only spend what I had to spend, but I see it really means to approve more debt by printing more magical pixie unicorn rainbow money.

Another thing I don’t get about common core economics, is that if I were to print money I would get arrested, but it is ok if the government does it.

This sounds like more the actions of a playground bully and slave owner than a caring protective government…

I say, let’s let the government shutdown, and let’s return to The Lord God Almighty, because He actually does care for us.

We have a lot of cleanup to do to get this mess out of here, and believing in fairytales won’t do it.

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