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September 19th, 2015

Walking in The Spirit

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Written by: Gene

I have been reading almost daily Romans chapters 5-8, and there is a balance between loving the law and living in grace. I stop often and pray because part of me wants to please God by walking rightly in His Words, but since He knows that I am unable to, I please Him by walking in the Grace that Jesus offers.

I have found myself beating myself up over my sinful nature, and I will say, “Lord I just don’t understand how You being perfect can have such love and mercy for me, but in faith I have to make myself rejoice in the fact that You do because You told me that You did…”

If I refuse to acknowledge that His law is right, then I don’t know Him and am calling Him a liar. My regrets for the sin that condemns me is proof that I know God’s ways are best. A hardened heart wants its own way, and calls God a liar.

Yet even though I am redeemed from the law, I rejoice not that I can or can’t keep it, but I rejoice that God’s ways are better. That acceptance of my failure to live in His righteousness, causes me to repent and cry out to my savior Jesus Christ… Then and only then am I able to live in God’s righteousness, not by anything I have done, but by what Jesus did for me.

That is the difference of choosing to walk in the Spirit, and repenting from walking in the flesh.

This is a hard thing to wrap your head around, but by faith you are able too still receive it, and be saved.

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