August 19th, 2015

Theopoly Cards

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Written by: Gene

Just about everyone is familiar with the board game Monopoly. The word monopoly comes from the two Latin from Greek monopōlion, from monos single + pōlein sell.’ Basically meaning that a single person or business has the rights to sell an item or service.

In the game of Monopoly, you are given life opportunities in the form of Community Chest and Chance cards. You could consider the Chance cards as personal events, and the Community Chest as events that include your friends and neighbors.

Lately, and idea for a series of cards based on that game has been coming to mind. If you take the Greek word theos meaning ‘god.’ and add it to pōlein meaning ‘sell’ you have the word Theopoly (yes I made it up…) which would mean “Selling God” or “God’s Salesman.”

As a Born again Child of God, that is my job. To sell God and His Provision of Grace to a lost and dying world.

To help you in your selling I have created this set. Feel free to print these up and hand them out (or post them on your fridge as a reminder.)

* Just remember that these are not to be resold in any form *

Chance Sabbath

Chance Maintain Focus

Chance Spend Time

Chance Build Future Chance Dance Card

Chance Date Night Chance Grow Old Chance Join Us Chance Pray Today

Community Chest Forgiven

Community Chest Helping Hand Community Chest Pray Today Community Chest Share God Community Chest Tithe







































































































Community Chest Poor Needy











Community Chest Storm









Community Chest Joyful Noise

Community Chest Freedom

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