June 30th, 2015

My Life Guard in The Sea of Stupid

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Written by: Gene

Lately, it seems that I have had to really be careful to process and reprocess all the stupid out there on the internet.

There are so many “wise” and “inspirational” quotes out there trying to lead me astray from the truth of God’s Word. These Coffee Shop Churches, and Gandhi Doctrines sound to be smart, but in fact they are only an ounce of truth thinly veneered over a ton of lies.

Even those that use scripture inappropriately to make themselves sound sincere, are no different than those who blaspheme Jesus by mocking who He is.

I see this sea of crap all over, and the undertow tries to pull me in, but I cannot be swayed from the truth. This was the same tool the devil tried when he asked Eve, “did God really say..?”

You cannot build a relationship with God, if you haven’t accepted His son Jesus as the way, to even have such a relationship to begin with.

You cannot know Who The Lord is, if you never read His Word. Any opinion that you develop about God that is based on one verse, will be just that… an opinion. Your views of God become invalid when you don’t take the time to discover The Lord. The Lord even tells us in scripture to have more than one verse to build doctrine about Him.

Why do I refer to God as “The Lord”? It is because that is what His name means. Yahweh translates as “The Lord” in the Bible. When you make Jesus Lord of your life, you are calling God by His first name.

His name is The Lord, because He is the Lord. He is in control, His Words are eternal, His “opinion” is fact, His judgements are final, His ways are righteous and pure, and He is holy, just and true.

God is The Lord of all… But He gave you the right to choose to be with Him. The salvation that Jesus offers, is more than a “get out of hell free” card. It is a “get to know me” card.

You cannot know God, if you don’t listen and obey Him. You cannot understand Him, if you haven’t accepted the relationship offer of Jesus Christ.

It is like the relationship that Mary​ and I have. She knows me. She takes the time to know me. She listens to me. You can take one sentence that I said, and try to twist my intentions around, and she will know that you full of it.

It is the same with my relationship with God. I know when certain statements are full of it, when they try to tell me something about God that isn’t true.

I wish everyone had that kind of relationship with The Lord. I am constantly forgiving people, because I want them to know Jesus like I do. I don’t want anything to hinder my relationship with God, so I am careful what I allow into my mind.

I have been in bad relationships before, and I have a good thing with Jesus.

When others weren’t taking the time to listen to me, accusing me of cheating, or were talking smack about me in the “Ladies Room” or on FaceBook, The Father in Heaven was embracing me with His love.

When others didn’t care if I was hurting, wrong, off, hormonal (yes guys even get hormonal…or maybe it should be called testosteronel… lol) or in a bad way, Jesus said, “Gene, let me fix that for you” Real love helps you get better, and an enemy won’t try to save you when you are drowning in sin. Jesus is my Life Guard…

Today, I am compelled to give God thanks…
Thank You Father God, for loving me so much and wanting me restored back to You…
Thank You Jesus, for loving me so much that You died for me, so that I could be made “good enough” to have that relationship with God…
Thank You Sweet Holy Spirit, for loving me so much, and not letting me continue to hurt myself in sin, but for guiding me safely through life’s troubles…

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