June 27th, 2015

Reflection, Choices and The Right Dance Partner

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Written by: Gene

As I sit here today, thinking about the last couple years, I must remind myself of a few things. So please bare with me as I type my thoughts out.

Several years ago, The Lord started to reveal some things to me. Things that were meant to prepare me for events that must come to pass. It is not the first time that He has done this, and it probably will not be the last.

In a way, I am glad that He does prepare me, but it still isn’t easy to watch the evil unfold. At times I am given the opportunity to put a stop to events, but there are other times when He tells me that “we must walk through this together…”

One of the earliest times, was when He warned me of certain paths that my kids would take. You don’t want to see your kids hurt, but they are just as human as you, and they are required to make a choices just like you are. You raise them the best you can, but ultimately it is up to them to choose to have a relationship with God.

God wants a relationship with all of us, but He requires it be on His terms. As a dad, I can understand that. I want the best for my children, and I try to afford all of them the things they will need to succeed in life.

What I can’t do is pay for their choices to make mistakes. I cannot be a part of watching those I love so dearly, destroy themselves. I must take a stand to do the right thing, because I really do want the absolute best for them.

The Lord is the same way. God is perfect, and He wants perfection for His kids. The problem is, that His kids make mistakes.

I think the really sad thing, is when children make mistakes, and then choose to make a further mistake by blaming their parents for the reason as to why they made those mistakes to begin with. I know that I am far from perfect, and I have made many many mistakes as a dad, but I still love my kids way more than they know.

But then there is The Lord God… He is perfect. He is incapable of error, and His ways are perfect, and His love of us outweighs our ability to love anything else. I can’t even love myself as much as God loves me.

I hear people say all the time, “how could a loving God allow bad things to happen?” He allows bad things to happen, because He is not a control freak, and He wants a relationship that comes by choice. He wants to be with us, but He cannot force us to be with Him.

I also hear people say all the time, “why would a loving God send people to hell?” There is a flaw in that thinking, because He has done everything He could to keep us from hell, but there is that choice again. We are already going to hell, but we must choose to receive His help. He won’t force us to pick Him, but He has already proclaimed His love for us.

I see some people try to worm their way out of a choice by denying that they have a will, and therefore placing all the blame on God. To say you have no choice is a lie, and it is downright hateful to God to insist that He has made us into mindless drones.

So here God sits, and waits on us. He is eagerly awaiting our reply. He wants to know if we will choose Him.

The Bible is a lot like God’s written love-letter to us. He told us who He is, and he held nothing back. He laid Himself out there, and said, “who will believe me, and accept me?”

I have done the same with those that I love. I have expressed my feelings for them, and if they believe that I am sincere, then we can build a loving relationship together. I know the pain of being told that I was a liar and not sincere, and I know what it is like to have someone not listen to me when I speak.

For years, every Christmas I would get a shirt from someone who will remain un-named. The shirt would be sized as an X-Large, and because I wore a 2X or 3X it never fit me. They would ask why I never wore their presents, and I would tell them that it didn’t fit me and I would tell them my size. Every time I told them my size, they would respond, “no way, I know clothes sizes and you don’t wear a 2X 0r 3X.

After a while, they stopped buying me Christmas presents, and would say, “why bother, he never wears what I buy him…” I have no relationship with that person any more, because they chose to think I hated the gift when in fact they didn’t believe me when I told them about my size.

A marriage like that is doomed to fail. She says she likes flowers, but he says that is silly because they will die. He says that he likes sports, and she says that is silly and chooses to ask about the condition of their relationship during the game.

And that is how it is with God. He has told us about Himself, and it is up to us to believe Him. He even said that if we don’t believe Him, we can’t please Him.

He sent Jesus to lead us to Himself, and said, “follow Jesus, He pleases Me, and He will show you the way.” But people will still respond that there are many ways to get to Him, and try to please God how they see fit. This is sad, because a relationship is built on listening, believing and trust. but people think that they can figure out God without reading His love-letters to us or doing what He asks.

None of us wants to be in that kind relationship. We might really love someone, but if they don’t care enough about us to learn who we are, we have to let them go. They might never actually say that they want to go, but if they are out drunk and dancing with other people, then they are not really there with you.

God wants the relationships with us to grow, but He doesn’t want you out dancing with His arch enemy either. If The Lord is at home waiting on you, but you are getting advice on who He is from the Devil instead of the letters that He wrote you, who do you think that you are fooling? You have chosen not to build a relationship with God, but one with His enemy.

We wouldn’t tolerate that kind of lover, so how much more would God tolerate that in us?

God knows our flaws, but He still wants us. His love is greater, but if you are not choosing Him, He will you go. His heart will be broken, but He won’t make you His “50 shades” of slave.

The Devil will take you like that, but not because he loves you. Satan wants you to choose to walk away from God because he hates God. You are just a pawn to get back at his enemy.

If you have made the choice to ignore God’s Word and dance with the Devil, don’t blame God when you don’t have that relationship with Him. Don’t blame Him for the bad things that your current dance partner is doing to you. You got to choose to dance with the one who loves you…

There is a lot of junk going on in the world, and the sad fact is that it is because people are choosing the wrong partner. They are not reading those Love Letters, or they are not believing that the Writer is sincere.

I know who I am hooked up with, and I wish you would give Him a chance as well. It is your choice…

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