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July 5th, 2010

A Dream… Planes, Trains and Automobiles… Jesus and the Fiery Pit

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Written by: Gene

Saturday Night I had this dream…

As I walked through the dream (it seemed to take place in a huge cavern with rock formations instead of an open sky. I walked through an alley where I saw this writing (I couldn’t read it’s meaning) that glowed. Some of the writing seemed to be on walls and some was on a metal plate that was cut out with a plasma torch. No matter where the writing was, the outer edges had a glow effect and it seemed to be foreign to the area I was in.

I made my way to an open area (it resembled the center of a race track) where I saw total chaos. Cars were going around the track at high speeds, and where the embankment was, it seemed to be too steep of an angle. One after the other race cars were flying off the edge of the oval’s embankment, and I found myself asking why the drivers didn’t see what was happening to the cars in front of them. I found myself wondering why they would just follow each other to their own deaths just for a race.

I looked higher, and it seemed that people were falling to their death in droves as the trains (I saw every kind of train and subway car) were colliding into each other. It was a sick feeling to see the bodies fall onto the race track below where the racers were hitting them before their own death over the embankment. I thought to myself that it was odd to see an old steam locomotive running along tracks (like a subway car would run on) that were above the race track.

I noticed that there were also bodies falling onto the trains from the sky. When I looked higher, I saw bodies falling from airplanes of all kinds that were crashing into each other. It seemed that some people were trying to bail out of the trains and planes, but it was too late for them. Their limp bodies were all twisted as they hit the ground, and I wondered why the survivors seemed to be trying to get back to the places they fell from.

A man came to me (who I perceived to be Jesus), and I followed Him to this smaller cave (room). There were people following Him into this room, and He instructed us to be patient and rest. There were these bunk cots all over and I climbed into one and waited for Him to return.

Suddenly He came to my bunk and spoke directly to me (or so it felt like), and told me that it was time to go. I followed Him down this corridor, but realized that I had left my shoes back at the bunk. I asked Him if I needed to be wearing shoes where we were going, but He didn’t answer. I remember laughing at myself saying “well I guess I don’t need shoes”.

It seemed as if I was directly behind Jesus, but in reality we were all behind Him (even though the corridor was very narrow). As we exited the corridor, we came into this huge arena in this large cave. Jesus turned to me and told me to keep going while He waited for the last person to arrive out of the corridor.

We walked down this aisle (it seemed like He was still walking with me) towards this stage that seemed to be in the middle, but was built as if it were in a corner. At the corner of the stage was a pit of fire and a black curtain behind it.

When I walked onto the stage, I thought to myself that this looked like an “end-times” thing where I would have to die for my faith in Jesus. I said almost laughing that it didn’t matter because I had just seen Him and the fiery pit didn’t seem so scary. I knew I wouldn’t deny the truth (it seemed like the matter was settled in my heart, and having it settled took away all fear).

There were so many people in the arena that were sitting in chairs looking at the stage, but they were all silent. In fact I wondered if they were real or not or even dead or not. There was a being that came to me, and asked me if I was ready to deny Jesus. I said that I wasn’t because I had just been with Him. How can I deny when I just spent time with Him? It seemed all to silly to me.

The being told me to go to the edge of the pit and turn and face the crowd, and I did so without fear. It was like I wasn’t being forced to this pit, but I went willingly to prove my faith in Jesus.The flames were so high and I saw that the moment it would hit them I would be instantly dead, but I felt no heat from them.

I was then instructed to step back into the flame (it seemed like a joke that they were so unwilling to go near the pit themselves to bring me there), and I closed my eyes and stepped back. I never had a sensation of falling, but as I stepped back off the edge I immediately felt hands catch me and pull me back as if through the curtain backdrop behind the pit.

As the hands caught me and pulled me through the blackness I heard a soft voice say, “… ahhh… Gene!”

When I heard the voice I immediately knew that He knew me, and as I opened my eyes and turned to Him saying “Lord”, I woke up…

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