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September 20th, 2014

That He May Be Glorified

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Written by: Gene

There seems to be an attitude or mindset going around that I find really saddening. We are in what is known as “The Last Days” and if there is one thing I know, it is that God wants to make one last push to reach out to the lost of the world.

I firmly believe that there will be a massive shaking and revival throughout the world, and The Lord wants to give everyone the opportunity to turn from their sins and unto Him. The Lord is preparing His remnant (those who are willing to completely trust in Him), to step up and be willing to usher in His Glory into the world.

The mindset that I am referring to, is the idea that we can live a substandard life, and still give glory to God. By substandard, I am referring to the standards that The Lord has set fourth in His Word. We feel that the Grace of God, will allow us to rewrite scripture, and that God will fill in all the blanks where we miss it.

Jesus returned to the Father, so that we would be able to do even greater things that He ever did (John 14:12), and He fully expects us to do that. You have those who would say that “this is not for today”, but when I try to look for this concept in Scripture, I find that God is the unchanging one and is faithful to do as promised, and man is the doubting wavering one who really can’t be trusted to keep his word.

So it is sinful for failing man to try to say that God has changed His mind, when the fact is that man who says this, is unable to have the faith to believe that God is truthful. That would be the main reason why God said that it is impossible to please Him without faith (Hebrews 11:6). How can you live a life that gives God glory, if your actions are calling Him a liar on a daily basis.

This attitude also spills out when people willfully do their own thing, and when they get stung, they blame God for “putting this thing on them to teach them a lesson.” As if God gets His jollies by putting festering boils on us, and then says “now my child, figure out this cosmic riddle.”

If you wouldn’t do that to your own children, why do you indirectly refer to God as a child abuser for doing that to you?

When Job was attacked, it was by the devil. The devil had to get permission from God, but God didn’t directly do it to him (This is what is known as a passive verb.) God trusted Job so much, that He knew that he could prove a point to the devil, and give the devil a black eye. In Job 1:22 we are told that Job didn’t sin or charge God with wrong.

So many times we want to stay comfortable during an attack, and blame God for it. When what God wants us to do is give the devil a black eye, and live our lives in such a way that we give glory to Him.

Think about this concept for a moment. The devil tried to overthrow Heaven, God threw him down to earth, and then set man there to torment him. That is what gives God the most glory. Jesus even proved that when He told Peter how He would set up His church, and “the gates of hell would not prevail” (Matthew 16:18).

What do gates do, but protect a city. They are not offensive, but they are defensive. That means that the main purpose of the church, is to be barraging the kingdom of hell daily. The devil has us so focused on “his attacks on us”, when he should be trembling by our attacks upon him.

So when the devil tries to put anything unclean on us, we have every right to say, “Get out you unclean thing!” (Isaiah 30:22) The devil would trick us by getting us to blame God for his attacks.When we fall for the devils lies, we give no glory to God.

What gives glory to God is the full restoration of everything that the devil has tried to destroy.

That is why Jesus came to earth, died on the cross, conquered the gates of hell, brought His blood to heaven (as eternal payment for our sins), and sent the Holy Spirit to endue us with the Power of God.

Why did Jesus want us doing greater things than Him? Consider this concept… One man Jesus, that the devil thought that he could kill, multiplies himself through us with more power, to open a can of whoop-booty on the devil. That is God being glorified.

To stay in sickness and believe that we are giving God glory, is a lie. I will tell you what that is, it is you giving glory to yourself through all the sympathy that people shower you with.

I am currently going through one of the worst physical attacks of my life. I made a choice to not seek the help of doctors (2 Chronicles 16:12, Job 13:4), but to trust in God completely. At first I found it amazing at how many christians took issue with the concept of trusting God completely. They have no problems trusting a man who sells drugs that are not designed to actually cure anyone, but to trust in the one who actually created them, “you gotta be kidding”.

Let me say this now. “I judge you not if you go to a doctor.” That is between you and the Almighty.

If you have accepted the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, then you have at your disposal the power of God, to do awesome exploits for the Kingdom of God. The gift of the cross, is not for your own benefits or lusts (James 1:12-15), but it is for the benefit of of the Kingdom of God. All of the blessings of God are conditional (…if you will, then I will…), and there are many blessings for those who trust and obey Him.

It is foolishness to try to gain the benefits of Heaven, without accepting the work of Jesus on the cross, and obeying the Word of God.

Back to glorifying God with our lives… When we make the choice to trust in God completely (especially when we do not understand it), and we allow Him to work through us, we are living lives that glorify Him.

Living healthy lives, is the breaking down of the schemes of the devil. Many times, Jesus made the statement, “…but that God may be glorified (or the like)…” before healing a person (John 11:4John 9:1-3).

When it comes to my personal healing, I felt led by the Spirit, that “I didn’t need to know the what/where/when/why/how/who, but I needed to just trust that God knew.” That means that I had to fully trust God, and allow Him to guide my every step.

And that is the main reason why some christians can’t fully trust in just God alone. That requires a constant face-to-face interaction with God, and “who has time for that?”. It requires that you refuse to allow yourself any understanding or knowledge, and we still love the taste of the “Tree of Knowledge.” It requires that you set aside all your personal ambitions and make God’s desires come first, and “well I got bills to pay Lord…”

It is these very excuses, that when revival comes, real change doesn’t stick. We get a spiritual tickle-fest and grow a crop of goose-bumps, but it never goes out and reaches the lost. It is the reason why we settle for less, and never do greater exploits than our Lord.

But it is those that are willing to totally sell out, reduce themselves to nothing, and place The Lord in the forefront of their lives, that God receives the true Glory. It is when we submit to this lifestyle, that we become a major threat to the kingdom of darkness.

This is what The Lord is looking for in these last days. Those willing to pay the personal price, so that God will be Glorified. Because God, wants to pour out His glory, one last time before Jesus comes.

Father God, I submit to You totally and completely, and I trust in You.
Jesus, You are my Lord, and my life will be submitted to You completely.
Holy Spirit, I love our teaching sessions, I will follow Your guiding no matter where it leads, and You will always be the main voice in my life.

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