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August 4th, 2014

I Will Not Bow, But I Will Trust God Completely

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Written by: Gene

Disclaimer: Do not read this article of you are not willing to trust in God completely. I am taking a stand to live by the kind of faith that may seem extreme to some, and need those who can believe with me to stand with me.

For several months now, I have gone through a Job kind of attack in my body. I liken the attack to the movie “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” There have been other attacks that coinside with this “Job Experience” that started even further back, but I was unaware until now that they have been going on.

Allow me to describe this bodily attack to you…

I started to become short of breath to the point that I would see spots. When I prayed, I realized that there was an infection in my system that was caused by a cracked tooth. I literally was going to pull the tooth with pliers at home, but Mary insisted that I allow a dentist to do it…

I will stop right here and emphatically state… “I refuse to go to doctors or the sort unless it is to have one put a cast on a broken bone or pull a tooth (or any similar), but the inside of my body is off limits.” This is where I tend to loose people, but this is my personal choice, and not something that I would try to push on other people.

So I went to the dentist, and he took X-Rays and sure enough deep in the root, there was proof of an infection. Before he would pull the tooth, He wanted me to take antibiotics for a week, (something else that I don’t like is medicine that isn’t “natural food stuffs”) and when I prayed about the short term use, I felt the go ahead to do so just to get the tooth pulled by a “professional.”

In the mean time (before and during the dentist), my whole body had started to become weak (I am a strong guy, and never been so weak that it winded me just to walk to the car), and my body was in pain all over. When I had the tooth pulled, I had no pain from it. When Mary asked me if my head hurt from the tooth pulling, I told her that everything hurt in my body, but my head… It was at that exact moment that my Boar Spear fell off of the wall and clocked me right on the skull almost knocking me out, but putting me in tears.

After the tooth pulling, I figured that I have gained at least 45 (if not more) pounds of fluid in my body. (I am not a tiny guy, but I eat with the conviction that I am eating according to scripture and I really do not eat enough to be the weight that I am currently at) I have literally never weighed this much before, and gained this weight of fluid in less than 3 weeks.

This bodily attack began about the time that God started to reveal a door that He was opening for Mary and I, and it intensified when we agreed to take the assignment that The Lord was offering us. I didn’t realize the attack until I was lead to read certain sections of the Book of Job, and The Holy Spirit pointed out the purposes. In fact about the time the attack started to happen, I was sitting on the sofa early in the morning praying in tongues like I routinely do, and I heard in an audible voice, “Do you think he is ready?”

I have had several Words spoken over me right before and one during the beginning of the attacks:
1) You have felt the presence of God so much that you are used to it. God is getting ready to turn up the juice, and get ready for God to give you divine surprises and new anointing. Don’t be in a hurry, wait. Divine surprises…
2) You are going to be prepared to be stretched into areas that you never though possible…
3) You may think that you are out of His will, but you have always strived to be in His will totally, and God knows that. Get ready to move, but don’t be in a hurry…

Lately, this scripture has been going through my mind:

Daniel 3:16-18 – Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to him, “King Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us from Your Majesty’s hand. But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

You see, I made a stand to trust in God totally for my health and healing. During this attack, I was looking at what I needed to “do” to bring on the healing that God had for me. I looked at food, supplements and even water pills for relief. (I repented)

Like Job, God sat me down and told me to just trust in Him, don’t try to understand it, and allow His grace and mercy to work a miracle in my life. So, I told Mary that I wasn’t going to look into solutions anymore, but I was going to live by my convictions. I wasn’t going to take any more supplements or read articles, but I used the sleepless nights to pray and draw close to God.

Yes, my body hurts, I get winded easy, I feel weak, and I am basically uncomfortable in my skin… But I am healed, and am using this time to draw close to my Lord Jesus.

I will not be putting my trust in anything, but My Lord and in Him alone. I don’t need to know what the problem is (so that I know what to stand against), and I won’t be giving the devil any more due.

Like the young Jews who faces the fiery furnace, I will not bow to modern medical convention, because I know who the enemy is that is attacking me, and I know who my Lord is who is delivering me. My focus will be on the one who is with me in the flames.
When I am crossing over, I will choose to sleep with Jesus in the bottom of the boat until we get to the other side. Storm? What Storm?
As my Lord passes by, no matter how unclean I feel, I will take ahold of the hem of His garment and pull myself towards Him. It is He who holds my healing.

Like those young Jews, I would rather be thrown into the fire trusting God and die, than to live by bowing down to my own understanding.
Like them, I know that He will deliver me.

I did get one thing from the Lord, and that was to write this blog, and surround myself with those who are willing to allow God to work miracles.
So if you are able to stand in total agreement, I am believing for:
1) Complete and total healing with no evidence of pain
2) Freedom of breathing
3) Abundance of strength
4) Clean blood and proper flow
5) Miraculous weight loss and fluid reduction
6) For the my Lord to get all the Glory as He brings me into the next phase of my life.

To those who read, understand and prayed, thanks for the prayers…
If this seems “not quite right” to you, thanks for keeping quiet…

I am expecting God to change me like never before, and the last thing I want to do is ruin it by trying to understand it. The Lord will let me know, as He sees fit to show me, and until then He has my undivided attention as I abide in Hie presence.

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