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July 27th, 2014

Get Ready For Revival

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Written by: Gene

As the flushing sound of this once great Christian nation gets louder, God will raise up from the rubble a world revival that will be unparalleled in church history.

This revival will be the last push that ushers in the coming of Jesus Christ.

This revival will start within those who are actively seeking to draw into a deeper relationship with God, have cast aside the cares and desires of theirown lives, and are willing to step out of what they understand and into full obedience to the guiding of the Holy Spirit.

We have this one warning to beware of false prophets and teachings that will try to rise up and lead people astray. We must be ingesting the Word of God like never before, and be ready to prove the truths of God at any time.

If a person proclaims themselves to be something (prophet, bishop, giver of a new revelation or word) they probably are not what they proclaim. We must judge the signs, wonders and fruits we see by the Word of God during this time of revival.

This is a revival like we have never seen and will be true because it will bring change to the receiver that will not cause them to bask in the Glory of God, but will cause them to bring the Glory of God into all the World.

If you are ready to be changed, then prepare like He said to do.

It’s going to be a wild ride!


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