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July 19th, 2014

Doing a Good Job of Knowing God

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Written by: Gene

Last night I read the book of Job chapters 1,2, 38-42…

The first thing I saw that Job was called by God “a blameless man” (not sinless, but blameless). While he had sin in his life, he lived in such a way that no other man could fault him of anything.

Secondly, I saw that the devil still must give an account to God. He spends his time with God accusing others, and not in fellowship with the Almighty.

Thirdly, we are told that after his kids died, Job did not sin by blaming God. It is a sin to accuse God of wrongdoing, even by saying that “this bad thing was happening to me because God is trying to teach me this cosmic lesson that I don’t understand.”

God might allow us to go through things that might seem bad to us, but it is not Him who is actively doing them to us. Many times, the translation “I will smite” is a passive verb and not an active one, and should read “because you have done this, I will allow you to go through this.”

Fourthly, when satan was allowed to smite Job’s body, Job was pressured to blame God. Job instead looked to himself to see why this sickness was allowed to happen to him.

The fifth thing starts in chapter 38, and that is there is so little that I understand about the natural and the supernatural. I don’t know the ways of God fully because He is infinite and I am limited to this temporary finite existence on earth.

He gave me His Love Letter (The Bible) so that I could know all I need to know about Him while on this earth, but there is so much that I won’t know about Him until I enter into eternity.

I am also limited by what I can and cannot do. I like that God asked Job if he could teach an eagle to fly… When I think about that, I must honestly say “no.”

Job kind of understood this when he said to his “counselors”, “You, however, smear me with lies; you are worthless physicians, all of you! – Job 13:4

We put faith in our doctors, but for all they can do, they cannot actually heal their patients. Simply put, God is the healer, so when you get healed, thank God for healing you and not your doctor.

The last thing I see was how quickly Job repented, but God said that he had not sinned because He didn’t blame God. God just wanted Job to get to know Him more, and He was pleased that Job was so willing to acknowledge God for who He was, and not by who he thought God was.

Though Job went through a tough time, his relationship with God grew. God rewarded Job with twice as much as was robbed from him, and was given a prosperous life. God lifted Job up above his friends (enemies), by requiring that he pray for them.

If there is one thing that I understand now, is that I don’t understand all that I could or should understand. I just need to repent when I see fault in my life, and acknowledge God for who He is (as per His Words to me) and not through my misconceptions about who I think He is.

Jesus died so that we could have that kind of relationship with God, and it is a relationship that we should desire above all else.

When I consider this Book in Scripture, I am amazed that satan had the opportunity to enjoy direct fellowship with God but chose instead to blame those who wanted that fellowship. All the devil’s attempts against Job only strengthened the relationship that was between he and God, because Job didn’t blame God.

I wonder why satan doesn’t get the clue…

I wonder why we allow the trials that we go through to separate us from God, when what we should be doing when we fall, is to run into His loving arms.

Why do we put our faith in other fallen people, when the creator of it all is there wanting to love and restore us?

Father God, Creator of Heaven and earth, You are a kind, loving, righteous, patient, just, caring, healing, and everything that is good and perfect kind of God.

Jesus, You are the only way to that relationship with God that I need. I chose to believe in, follow behind, and obey You. My ways really stink, and I repent of them.

Sweet Holy Spirit, You are my guide, strength, protection, provider, and best friend. Please keep me focused, give me understanding, and draw me close.

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