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June 26th, 2014

The Dream That Woke Me Last Night

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Written by: Gene

I will share the dream that I had last night, because I believe that there are those who it will bare witness with.

I was walking through the land saw desolation everywhere. People were unaware that their lands and cities were in ruin, and were carrying on as usual the way they always did. There were farms and businesses, but no harvest or profit. It was as if they refused to acknowledge that the efforts they were putting fourth were barren.

I was taken to a hill top, and as I looked all around I saw that the desolation was everywhere. The earth was covered with the goings of people, and there seemed to be nowhere for a person to go to start a new life. I remember asking God, “is there no place left for me to go build or farm?”

Suddenly the clouds filled the sky as if a storm were rolling in. People stood in awe until the lightning started to light the sky. It would come from behind the clouds and work its way through them. As the lightning passed through the clouds, you could see something falling from the sky.

As panicked people started to run in terror, I couldn’t help but watch. One person asked me frantically, “why don’t you run?” My only reply was, “watch this, it is going to be neat.”

From the lightning in the sky, huge clumps of soil fell to the ground. It seemed so violent as the dirt flew past me, yet at the same time it seemed so orchestrated. It was as if the hand of God was casting new land in specific areas. The plots never touched the earth, yet seemed to float over it. The clumps also never touched each other, as if they were to be sparsely placed for a purpose.

When it was done, I hear the Lord speak, “These new plots of land are for those who will listen, trust, and obey me. The old ways of human wisdom are not going to work anymore, but if you choose to reside on the new land, you must trust that I am going to provide your needs. The harvest that is to come will happen under a new way of farming, and the profit will come with a new way of doing business.”

When I woke from the dream, I asked God if there was more that I needed to know, and if so, could He give me His Wisdom in this.

Since the dream, all I get is that this earth has stopped producing for mankind, but mankind is unaware. We are living off of the blessings of the past, but that is running out. We are going by the wisdom of the past, but we need God’s wisdom. All that we know will dry up as the End Times come around.

If we are going to make it through to the End of Days, we must seek the areas that God has set up for us and trust Him to show us how He wants us to reap the harvest and earn the profits in His Kingdom. We will not be able to live off of our own wisdom anymore, and if we continue to put our faith in the wisdom of man, we will pay the price.

The same goes for the church. We must be willing to make all the necessary changes to be able to reap the harvest that God desires. The old ways of church business and politics will not work. We will see churches fall away because they refuse to simply trust in the Lord.

This dream bares witness with my spirit.

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