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May 22nd, 2014

Where’s The Worship?

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Written by: Gene

When you look at the meaning of the word “worship” you see other words like adoration and reverence.

When you pull up related words, you get adoration, deference, glorification, reverence, veneration; idealization, romanticization; affection, fancy, favor, fondness, like, liking, love; appreciation, esteem, regard, respect, approval…

I don’t see these words describe the content of worship songs that we sing much.

We sing lyrics that teach, and that has its place. We sing songs to motivate the congregation, and we need to be motivated. We sing songs about God, and He is a great God.

But… We reserve a small part of our Worship Service time to actually worship God. Why don’t we spend time speaking to God? I don’t mean speaking to God, to ask Him to move on us or give us stuff, either.

We need to speak to God, tell Him how great He is. If it takes faith to please God, and our faith is built up when we build God up, we in essence please God when we build Him up. Where is that done in the lyrics of modern worship songs?

The Holy Spirit impressed on me many times to not focus on the bad, but on the good. Don’t look at the sin, but look on the deliverer. Don’t focus on the need, but on the provider. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and my needs will be met.

Let’s strive to speak to Him directly when we worship. Instead of saying, “how great his is” sing, “how great you are.”

We also tend to leave out the name of Jesus. Yes we all know that God is the Trinity and The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are God. But let’s call out each part of God. Speak to the Father who has a great plan and created everything good. Thank Jesus for paying for our sins, and for the opportunities that we have through Him. Submit to the Holy Spirit’s desire to take control of the service and use us for the Kingdom.

To me, worship is a big comfortable throne that invites God to be Himself in our presence. It is a place for God to come and abide. It is the place that He is free to move in and fellowship with us.

Worship requires that we set ourselves aside, and lift God up. It reminds us of how faithful He is, because we are telling Him how faithful He is.

Lord you are awesome, You are Holy, Merciful and graceful describes you, Your very nature is pure love, Peaceful is Your presence, Father you are great and kind, Jesus freedom comes from you, Holy Spirit you can move as you wish my time is yours, God you are everything good.

My God, I desire You, I submit myself to You, All I have comes from You, I need You, I am lost without You.

Worship is towards God, communion with Him, fellowship in Him.

Worship is… for the great I Am.

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