May 19th, 2010

Definitions and a Quiz

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Written by: Gene

Faith = Whatever you believe in that causes you to take action based on that belief.

Faith in God = Making the Words of God the main determining factor for every action you take, and remaining at peace whether you know the outcome or not.

Fear = Anytime you realize, that what you believe, is not enough to support the actions you find yourself in, and you are totally unequipped to control their outcome.

Hope = The expected outcome for any action.

Hope in God = Knowing that by following His instruction, you will come to the completion of the expected result.

False Hope = Taking action even when the result is unknown.

Vision = Seeing the end result.

Vision of God = Taking on the purposes of God knowing that there will be personal sacrifice, but that there is an expected outcome that is greater than yourself.

Unfocused Vision = Only seeing to the point of being able to control immediate circumstances, thinking that they are end results when in fact they are supposed to be minor adjustments to obtaining the expected result.

Control = A baseline standard for obtaining an end result.

Humility = Knowing that every good result comes from obedience to God’s Words and Instruction, and following them until the end result is obtained.

Pride = Refusing to follow the instruction of the designer to the point that the stability and reliability of the end result is unattainable, all the while knowing that you were hoping to use the design to obtain that result.

Love = Desire to the point of taking on personal sacrifice.

God’s Love = Jesus, sacrificing Himself for the chance to gain back a fearful, hopeless, unfocused, and prideful human race so that they could live in His Peace which is the end result.

Mankind’s Love = Rejecting the one who gave them everything they needed, because it means they will have to trust in, hope for, and follow someone else to gain a peace they desire, but are unable to obtain on their own.

What is your desired end result after this life is over? (pick one)
1) Eternal peace with God through the salvation that Jesus provides, knowing that we were unable to obtain this on our own.
2) Eternal regret and suffering by continuing to try to do things your own way, knowing full well that it was your own way that got you in this mess to begin with; while making the end result unattainable.

Grading Scale:
If you answered #1, you get an “A” which stands for Acceptance (for eternity)
If you answered #2, you get an “F” which stands for Fire (also for eternity)

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