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May 13th, 2014

Where Has The Boldness in The Church Gone?

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Written by: Gene

I have been preaching to myself a lot lately, and there are a couple notes and points to my sermon…

1) Do I have the faith that moves mountains? If faith is “anything that I believe enough to act upon”, why am I not acting as if I genuinely believe?
My faith should move me to action to do what God has called me to do.

2) Who do I fear/reverence more? Am I hindered by the “giants in the land”, moved by the words of men, or motivated by having the heart of God?

3) How big is my “want to”? Do I share the same desires as God, or is my own agenda forefront? Do I say “yes Lord, send me”, but sabotage my usefulness to Him by being complacent?

4) Who is really first in my life? Do I really understand that the “Jesus is coming soon”? Do I really care about others, and them being set free from sin, or am I driven by my own selfish motives?

I ask myself these questions often to try to keep myself in check.

Because “there is nothing new under the sun”, and we all are tempted by the same things, let’s look at the American Church.

Is the Church really desiring the Lords Will, or are we trying to be “friendly” (led by political correctness & human emotions instead of God’s Word)?

Are we trying to do God’s Will with our own understanding (hindering true miracles from happening)?

Do we understand that it is God who called us, and not man? (a 501c3 can be the biggest taskmaster to a church… Is it faith to only tithe to an organization that can give us a tax right off? Do we as pastors actually trust in this? Why should we align ourselves with this kind of thing if we believe all we need is Jesus?)

What is our motivation? (why do we count every Sunday how many are in the service? Why do we take up an offering by passing the plate? Wouldn’t it put more faith in God to just have a box in the back of the church, and let the Holy Spirit work on people’s hearts?

Where are we putting resources? Why do we have chandeliers and fancy pews? Why are church buildings built for comfort and not for work? Why squander money on the pretty, get in debt and worry about paying it, and then have nothing left for community work?)

You wonder about boldness. Christians are bold, but it is mostly misguided.

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