April 27th, 2014

Who Am I?

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Written by: Gene

You know, I did a word search on “acknowledge,” “knowledge,” and “God”

I see more on me having a “knowledge of God…”
I see “God acknowledging me…” quite often…
But, I don’t see much on me having a “knowledge of who I am in God…”

It seems that it is more import and on me taking the time to gain a better knowledge of God and who He is (Rom 1:18-21), because that is relationship with Him.

It seems that it is important to know that God acknowledged me first (John 3:16), because that proves that He wants a relationship with me.

Is seems that if we look to ourselves and what we can get from God, we become self serving and any relationship we could have with God becomes one sided and self defeating (Matthew 6:33).

The Lord told me a while back to stay in an attitude of prayer and praise.

Praying for stuff is easy…
Praise requires that I really learn who God is and acknowledge Him for who He is.

We should strive to daily learn one new thing about God, and that is found by meditating on His Word.
When we learn who God is, we can’t help but praise Him. (Psalm 148)
When we learn about Him and praise Him, the things that we pray for, will change.

It is so much easier and beneficial to praise Him, than to try to figure out my place in Him.

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