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April 9th, 2009

Firmly Planted in an Eternal Inheritance

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Written by: Gene

This weekend was a very tough weekend for Mary and I, but we learned a lot of lessons from the events that went on. In an attempt to keep peace and preserve a dream, we found ourselves in a fuss that wasn’t worth it. We learned that we were really trying to please people and hold on to a dream that just wasn’t ours to hold on to.

In doing that we failed miserably, and despite our best intentions to protect everyone, we fell prey to attacks of all kinds. It seems that no matter how much you want to help people, if they don’t know or trust you, you will fall flat on your face.

The Father in Heaven has a plan and vision that He wants to give every one of us, and back in January I received a word stating His intentions for me.

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Basically I was told that I needed to keep the Father close, expect Him to work in ways that I never imagined, stand firm where I am till I am moved by Him, and if I do that I will see Him move in a greater way through me.

Mary and I sat puzzled all weekend and made a decision to get up this morning and pray like we have never done before. It was funny, because all week we would sit separately and ponder the last couple days, and both come together with the same words from the Holy Spirit. We were confirming each other all week long.

We had to work through a lot of hurt, but we made it together. So today we woke up and started to pray in tongues together, and after an hour we pulled out some scriptures that the Father gave me over a year ago. As we read those scriptures, the map of what we needed to do was as plain as day right before our eyes.

That reminds me of what we did out on the deck last night. I put my camera on the tripod and in the pitch black darkness I was showing Mary how to take pictures of the moon.


I was showing her that even though the sky seemed totally dark, by keeping the camera still on the tripod and the shutter open longer, we were able to see the darkness go away.


Then I showed her that by focusing in on the moon and zooming in, we were able to capture the details of the moon more clearly.

Isn’t that exactly how it is with our walk with God? No matter how dark it seems, when we keep our eyes open to the Lord and allow more of His light into our lives, the more that the darkness is done away with and everything becomes visible.

Also, like the details of the moon. When we draw close to the Lord and put our focus on Him, the details of what He has for us become more easily discerned.

That is what happened with us as we got back into the scriptures that were given to us a year ago. We stood there and read through every scripture, and as we spoke it out, we saw everything that had gone on and what we needed to do to get through it. Drawing closer to the Father and His Word caused us to see the details of the plan for our lives.

One of the things that had us confused was leaving an inheritance for everyone, and making sure everyone had their piece of the pie. What we were reminded was that we needed to continue to walk in love towards people, and by doing that we would set ourselves up with an eternal inheritance. We were reminded that the eternal inheritance includes a earthly one that can never be taken away.

So we were confirmed in our spirits that we needed to walk away from things that don’t matter or bare fruit in this natural existence, and be willing to walk in the place that God has for us so that we can be successful in His eyes.

Nothing matters if it distracts us from the plan that the Father has for us.

Thank you Father for the plan for Mary and I as a team, as well as individuals. Thank you for speaking to us as individuals so that we can confirm the plan that you have for us as a team.

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