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3 Truths To Remember

Here are 3 little chunks of insight for you:   1) No “so called” christian is going to hell because they partake of something that you deem is a sin. They might be living in their personal hell on earth for those things, but all of us are already going to hell without the Gospel […]

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Boycotts and Protests

Sitting here thinking about boycotting… It kind of frustrates me when people try to act as if it is a negative thing to do. As if it is unloving, intolerant, and even un-christian.   I looked up the word: boycott verb [ with obj. ] withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, […]

Luke 22-35-37 Holy Spirit Speaks

Bible Bug-Out Bag

There seems to be a theme in my friend’s posts on Facebook, and there is a frustration amongst people. Some say to pray and others say to take up arms. I am reminded of something that the Holy Spirit told me a few years back. He said that things were going to get much more […]

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Note of Thanks

Sitting here today, Pondering the day my Lord rose again. Considering why He died to begin with. Wondering why He would bother to even show up. Amazed that it was all for me. He saw me lost and confused, dead before I lived. Debt was what I owed, to sin I was a slave. Love […]

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3 Gifts

It seems that every square inch of my body has been in pain (in one form or another) over the last couple years. Just as one thing clears up, something steps in to take it’s place. As one thing heals, something else happens out of my control to cause a new wound. But, I stand […]


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