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responsibility Musings

My Life, My Fault, My Responsibility, But God’s Grace…

Since the beginning of the year, I have known where the Lord wants me to go and what He wants me to do. But before I continue, let me go further back a bit. 2013 was a rough time for me. I was loosing everything that I cared about. Some things were not by choice, [...]

repent-and-sin-no-more Holy Spirit Speaks

Virgin or Whore?

As I browse through Facebook, I see things that make me sad. Fellow believers, please allow me to speak to you. We who call ourselves “christians” should be actively preparing for the return of Jesus Christ (who is our Lord and Savior.) It is past time to start calling sin, “sin” again. We need to [...]

Jesus my healer Pastor's Heart

Lil Pep Talk…

Took a shower, got out and dried off, power goes off before I could dry my hair, went outside to check to see if it was a breaker and neighbor confirmed it was all over, gas heater still works so still toasty and almost sweating… Due to these weather conditions, I am going to remind [...]

dream Holy Spirit Speaks

The Walled City Dream That I Had Last Night

Last night I had a dream, and would like to describe it in this blog. I was in this large city and was being given a tour by ministers from a local church. At first I was impressed by the city, but as time went on, certain things started to come to light about my [...]

585px-Poinsettia_Lion_Sick Musings

5 Days, 104 Degrees, Praise & Worship, Sleep, and Jesus Blood

It all started last Monday when I was nauseated. I had eaten some fast-food fried chicken a couple days before and had been suffering from it. When we went to bed, I don’t remember much of anything. I remember hearing praise and worship, going to use the restroom quite a lot for one evening, having [...]


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