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snoopy-come-home Musings

Come Home

It is sad to me to see friends of mine, find “a new way to seek God”.   They will start fussing, cussing, and hollering as they try to defend their new “spiritual revelation.”   They will post every lie they find on the internet to explain, define and defend their new choices.   At […]

easy street Holy Spirit Speaks

God Hugs

Last night I had a dream and would like to share it in my blog. I am not trying to build doctrine nor making prophetic predictions, but I found the dream intriguing and I woke up feeling peaceful.   I went to this house with my tool bag, and fixed some things for this family. […]

unicorn poop Musings

October 1st Government Shutdown

The American people are caught up in so many government traps, that they are in essence slaves to the government.Let me try to phrase this right:“Ok, we want to spend money to kill the unborn, and if we don’t get that money, we will starve the living because we won’t have the money to feed […]

Armor of God - Walk in The Spirit Holy Spirit Speaks

Walking in The Spirit

I have been reading almost daily Romans chapters 5-8, and there is a balance between loving the law and living in grace. I stop often and pray because part of me wants to please God by walking rightly in His Words, but since He knows that I am unable to, I please Him by walking […]

the spew Musings

The Spew

My take on “The View” By definition, an apology is a regret followed by reasonings (or excuses if you will) as to why you did it. The term “apologetics” is a reasoning or proof of faith or scientific theory. That is the difference between sorry or compassion which means that you are in actual distress […]


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