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Pastor's Heart

That’s Heresy!!!

It seems that there are people who believe it is their calling to call out the flaws and heresies of other ministries. They act as if Luke 12:3 is their Great Commission, and airing out other’s dirty laundry is their message.   I personally refuse to have any dealings with those who set themselves up as […]

Pastor's Heart

What We Put Our Faith In

As I watched this, a couple things came to mind. 1) Roman Empire = This world 2) Many gods = Anything you put your faith in 3) People put their faith in things like      a) Political Correctness          i) Ideas of the day          ii) Keeping track […]


My Bride

Woke up today with a lot on my mind.   I am grateful to The Lord for Mary. She has stood by my side during the worst time of my life. When she promised “for better or worse” she has proved how far she is willing to go through “worse” with me. I have seen […]


Why I Laugh

Why do I laugh?   I have been pondering my mom’s Memorial Service, and my state when I was there.   I currently live in constant physical pain (some of you may know that), and I tend to deal with physical pain differently than others.   When pain hits me sharply, I tend to make […]


Tell Them All How Bad They Are

Feeling like this needs to be posted… Complaining about your spouse to other people will never ever ever help build up your marriage. 1) You are tearing down something that you should be building up and supporting. 2) Those that you complain to, will always (even unintentionally) treat your spouse unjustly and they will drive […]


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