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patience Holy Spirit Speaks

Patience of The Saints

This morning Mary was telling me about a friend and a familiar phrase came to my mind and elements of the Book of Job were highlighted. I have many friends who are going through very difficult times right now, and we all share similar stories. Allow me to set the scene as to where they […]

uncle-death Musings

Grief and Loss of A Nation

Who here thinks that revival is more important than this election? Last night I was thinking about the 5 stages of grief and loss… The five stages are, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. This nation has turned it’s back on God, and several years ago the hand writing was on the wall. The enemies […]

praying-hands-on-scripture Musings

The Prayer Lie

Another big lie that I see going around…   Prayer, yes prayer.   Satan is using prayer to try to silence those who go against him.   Let me give an example or two…   Whenever I see a debate is going on and a Trumpian (supporter of Donald Trump) finds a Non-Trumpian, one of […]

cabin Holy Spirit Speaks

Cabins, Dreams, and Deceptions

It seems that each of us is given a scripture or set of scriptures by the Holy Spirit that carry us for years. Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He in essence told us through the 4 Gospels and the Book of Acts, that “no deadly thing shall harm you.”   That phrase has carried me […]

i-vote-jesus-button-400-1-1 Musings

My Choice For President

I am of the firm belief/conviction that America is on its deathbed because it walked away from God and no longer considers His Words…   Hillary would be the death nail in America’s coffin…   I am of the firm belief/conviction that Trump has corralled the false prophets around himself, and is successfully destroying the […]


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