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job Pastor's Heart

Doing a Good Job of Knowing God

Last night I read the book of Job chapters 1,2, 38-42… The first thing I saw that Job was called by God “a blameless man” (not sinless, but blameless). While he had sin in his life, he lived in such a way that no other man could fault him of anything. Secondly, I saw that [...]

desolate city Holy Spirit Speaks

The Dream That Woke Me Last Night

I will share the dream that I had last night, because I believe that there are those who it will bare witness with. I was walking through the land saw desolation everywhere. People were unaware that their lands and cities were in ruin, and were carrying on as usual the way they always did. There [...]

large Musings

Washington Redskins… Whats next?

Sports Team’s Naming is just the beginning of a larger Liberal (satanic led) plan of censorship and removal of free speech. What is next? As an author of 3 books that are Biblically Christian, the question I am waiting to be asked is, “Oh, you want your writings to be copyright protected? You better line [...]

godly home Pastor's Heart

The Faithful Man

  I felt led to write this blog as a Downloadable PDF, and you can get it here: The_Faithful_Man.pdf In these End Times, we know that sexual immorality is on the rise, and the trap is set for everyone. If you are male or female, we must stay read up and prayed up so that [...]

RealWorship Pastor's Heart

Where’s The Worship?

When you look at the meaning of the word “worship” you see other words like adoration and reverence. When you pull up related words, you get adoration, deference, glorification, reverence, veneration; idealization, romanticization; affection, fancy, favor, fondness, like, liking, love; appreciation, esteem, regard, respect, approval… I don’t see these words describe the content of worship [...]


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