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Why I Laugh

Why do I laugh?   I have been pondering my mom’s Memorial Service, and my state when I was there.   I currently live in constant physical pain (some of you may know that), and I tend to deal with physical pain differently than others.   When pain hits me sharply, I tend to make […]


Tell Them All How Bad They Are

Feeling like this needs to be posted… Complaining about your spouse to other people will never ever ever help build up your marriage. 1) You are tearing down something that you should be building up and supporting. 2) Those that you complain to, will always (even unintentionally) treat your spouse unjustly and they will drive […]


Thanking God For You

I have learned that online friends and followers are only so for what I can give them. When I stop producing “entertaining-friendship” they drop me, the online world’s thought is “what can people do for me.”   I want real friends and family, where we are there for each other. These one-sided “relationships” are so […]


Make What Isn’t As If It Was

I understand that there are things out of my control that seem like random luck or a direct attack from life itself…   I also understand that there are things that I am in control of, and it can be a coin flip see if I manage to be successful or proven a boneheaded fool… […]


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