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cabin Holy Spirit Speaks

Cabins, Dreams, and Deceptions

It seems that each of us is given a scripture or set of scriptures by the Holy Spirit that carry us for years. Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He in essence told us through the 4 Gospels and the Book of Acts, that “no deadly thing shall harm you.”   That phrase has carried me […]

i-vote-jesus-button-400-1-1 Musings

My Choice For President

I am of the firm belief/conviction that America is on its deathbed because it walked away from God and no longer considers His Words…   Hillary would be the death nail in America’s coffin…   I am of the firm belief/conviction that Trump has corralled the false prophets around himself, and is successfully destroying the […]

potbellystove Musings

Pot Belly Stove & Jiffy Pop

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.   It seems as we have built this cabin, there are always more than one small hurdles to get over a larger hurdle… I tell Mary all […]

protection-groups Pastor's Heart

Aggressions and Strength

If you are told that you need protection against Micro-Aggressions, do not consider it an offer of help nor a compliment to your ability to overcome.   If you are considering the offer, you are being weakened by a darker power, so that you can be controlled. Consider the offer of protection an insult to […]

atom Pastor's Heart

You Don’t Need God

I see so many posts about poverty and standard of living. I see people say that if children are born into poverty, it would be better to abort them. I see people clambering to acquire stuff all around them, and no one considers that they really can have all they need.   You want to […]


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