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My Islamic/Muslim Responce to Beheadding

Sitting in Sunday School as a kid, I remember the teacher asking us this simple question more than once, “If armed men were to come through the door and demand that you renounce Jesus or die, which would you choose?” That question seemed really far fetched back then, because we were living in a “Christian […]

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That He May Be Glorified

There seems to be an attitude or mindset going around that I find really saddening. We are in what is known as “The Last Days” and if there is one thing I know, it is that God wants to make one last push to reach out to the lost of the world. I firmly believe […]

U2 Songs of Innocence Musings

U2 Songs of Innocence – A Review

Free iTunes Album – U2 Songs of Innocence – A Review First let me say that I don’t listen to “secular” bands or music, but for U2 I make an exception. Second, I normally don’t write reviews for things like this, but I felt compelled to do so. U2’s members take a look back in […]

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Have You Considered The Depth Of Your Prayers?

During one of the darkest times of my life, I found myself unable to put to words the anger and frustration that I was dealing with. The Lord in His grace and mercy, instructed me to start praying in tongues for an hour the first thing every morning. It was through doing this, that the […]

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I Will Not Bow, But I Will Trust God Completely

Disclaimer: Do not read this article of you are not willing to trust in God completely. I am taking a stand to live by the kind of faith that may seem extreme to some, and need those who can believe with me to stand with me. For several months now, I have gone through a […]


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